Are you looking to succeed in Forex?

That’s what AutoBitcis for

We have helped more than 200,000 traders make money, and we want to help you do the same. Our aim as an online Forex broker is to help you join the league of successful traders and change your life.

How do we help you
become a star trader?

Your success starts with your broker and the right trading conditions along with all the tools you need to get you there. We give you all that and more:

  • Personal mentor

    Your own trading guru will lead you to success.

  • Trading bonus

    Start with free money to help you make money.

  • Winning trading strategy

    We created and tested the strategy, and now it’s yours.

  • Fast execution

    Super-fast trading, so you never suffer slippage.

  • High leverage

    Magnify your investment to make big trades.

  • Low spreads

    Enjoy super-low spreads to increase your profits.

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